I Am Frankie Series / Nickelodeon

I Am Frankie follows Frankie Gaines, a high-tech android enrolled in high school. Produced by Paradiso Pictures and Nickelodeon. The show’s second season will see Frankie’s world turned upside down when a new android arrives at her school. Handle Like Eggs was in charge of the post production of the show.

"Residente" 5 Part Series

The former Calle 13 frontman , and multiple grammy winner, Residente is the subject of a 5-part limited series by the same name.

Retracing the footsteps of his ancestors, traveling from Siberia and the Caucasus, all the way to China and West Africa, before landing back in Puerto Rico, Residente will serve as a behind-the-scenes look at the rapper’s artistic process. By showcasing all these different places and learning about all these cultures, Residente managed to, as the press release for the show put it, discover “a universal sense of humanity, and a language that transcends the borders he crosses and the conflicts he witnesses: music.”

Drug Wars Series On Fusion Network

"Drug Wars," a Fusion original series, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the battles being waged against the intercontinental drug trade. We'll give you unprecedented access, bringing you shoulder-to-shoulder with the DEA and Coast Guard officials, as well as Panamanian and Colombian anti-drug forces as they combat smugglers, guerrilla fighters, and seize hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine.

Currently on the 5th Season and Fusion's highest rated show, Handle Like Eggs has been in charge of all the post production from its inception.

Sportscenter The Buddy Hield Story

Final Four Story on Sportscenter.

Ridiculousness Latam & Brasil

Filmed on Location in Miami, this new Series borrows the original idea from its US Version and franchises it with original hosts and celebrities from Brasil and Latin America.  Handle Like Eggs was invited by Paradiso Pictures, the company in charge of the production,  to serve as the series post production house. 

Chub The Movie - Trailer

Swipe Date

MTV Latin America created this new original production: MTV SwipeDate, a dating show than translate the experience of finding love online to a TV show. Handle Like Eggs was in charge of the post production of the show.

OPERACION+JAQUE Series- Created the Trailer for the Series

Far Out Isn't Far Enough- The Tomi Ungerer Story

Endurance Traveler Series On National Geographic

Endurance Traveler is the next leap forward for lifestyle entertainment. As a travelogue series featuring endurance sporting events at travel destinations, Endurance Traveler blends food, entertainment, the human experience and of course the endurance events like ironman, marathons, ocean swimming, inline skating and plenty of other endurance activities.

Handle Like Eggs productions is the Executive Producer of the series.  The series was shot on location throughout the world and edited in Miami at our facitlities.

ESPN Originals -San Lorenzo Short Film

ESPN - Taxi. Pilot Episode

Espn Rituales - Atletico Nacional - Short Film