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About Handle Like Eggs Productions

We are an award winning digital studio specializing in creative audio-visual communication with a unique craftsmanship in  post-production. We start by offering a la carte solutions for your projects by pairing the right creative editor with your content, We carefuly draft a plan and workflow to meet your deadlines and expectations throughout the way.  

We are experts at fine-tuning and finishing projects as well. If you are ready with your offlines and need the finishing touches, we bring our talented closers to work the magic.  Our services include online editing, audio re-recording, VFX compositing, media conforming, coloring and asset deliverables.  Deliverables can be very technical and overwhelming but with our proven experience we take the stress out of the proces and meet any requirements.  


We also believe that having the right technology is equally important. Therefore, we offer top of the line tools to assure the best quality is being used in the realization of your product. 


Since 2001, we have been creating custom made content for our clients. Whether working on a television show, a documentary, a commercial spot or a digital media project our core mission is to communicate ideas in a creative and effective way in order to achieve the best value for your time and money.

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