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Our services include long format and short format content for television, on-air and off-air promos, training videos, corporate, commercials and viral advertising.  


Post Production

Our facilities offer online and offline editing suites fully equipped with Avid, Premiere or Final Cut Pro for 4k/High Definition and standard formats.  

An Avid Nexis Pro shared storage system integrated in all the bays for proven, real-time collaboration for everyone. Your material is protected! Avid NEXIS | PRO is built to safeguard your media in the event that one or even two drives go down, enabling you to retain real-time performance, with automatic drive rebuild. 



Da Vinci Resolve or Baselight platforms.



For audio we offer a full turnkey solution. From voice over, lipsyncing, ISDN, mixing,  scoring and mastering. Pro tools suite and  video editing suites are available for rent with or without editors 24/7 with on site technical support.



We are experts in QC and deliverables requirements per Network specifications. 

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